Purely Rhonda

It was 2008 or 2009 when I first met my friend Rhonda online. We were born some years apart in the same city, we were each in our sixth decade when we baby boomers met, I was still negotiating territory that Rhonda was firmly walking so her prior experience catapulted me joyfully into the “bloom where you are planted” country.


It was both a relief and a serendipitous meeting for me.

Previously Tony and I had tried to negotiate how we might become self sufficient and it left us more stressed than fulfilled. Finding an affordable few acres, managing those few acres while working for a wage and remaining green throughout was a big big ask.

When I stumbled across Rhonda’s blog her “simple living” take offered a doable concept able to be practiced here, in our home, with no financial investment, no tree or sea change, all we had to do was adapt what we had and what we wanted to do.

So we did.

We had changed careers, we were running our own business after years of working for mainstream employers but we were doing it on our terms. To shake up the mix we tripled the size of our house after we left teaching (to blend three houses into one home) so we weren’t following the expected middle age downsizing formula.

Which was ok, after I read Rhonda’s take I was, in a sense, validated.

Because it comes down to, in this simple living paradigm, simply eliminating consumerism. Consumerism mind, not consuming. Living simply is less not than being. It is less do it this way, do it your way.

Simple living is acknowledgement of choice, self-driven choice, unencumbered by expectation mainstream or otherwise.

It’s simple said that way, but it requires the stripping away of complexity.

Which is a relief.

And purely Rhonda even though she’d argue that.

So, come join me if you’d care to, for a simple living ride.


12 thoughts on “Purely Rhonda

  1. Soooo soothing to hear all these things. We think we have to ‘do’ something the right way yet really, all we have to do is do it ‘our’ way. The way that feels best to us. I love blooming where I’m planted 🙂 I enjoy Rhonda’s take on things too, she is very calming to read.


  2. I like your down sizing comment.

    We sold a two story home before it all became too hard as/when we age in the climbing of stairs. The plan was to down size which in a away we did by reducing bedrooms. We did gain formal lounge and dining, which we close off often. We have space when we need it with family and visitors. There is light from big airy windows when wanted. We have easy access by remote drive in garages with access to house in all weathers.
    I have a tiny herb and greens raised garden which is part of the Rose garden. Sunshine therapy close at hand 🙂

    So down sizing has many aspects. There is not a one size fits all.


    1. Alexa your home sounds lovely and so well suited to the current season of your life. Welcome, I look forward to hearing from you in future.


  3. Hello there Rose!!! Lovely to see you here!!!! Look forward to reading your new blog. And I love this post–you are so right. It’s about eliminating consumerism. Wow, that’s a tall order in today’s culture, but I think it’s what we are called to do, absolutely.


  4. Hello Rose. I am visiting you from Rhonda’s blog. I have been following her wonderful blog for years and take great comfort from it. Now I am following your blog and looking forward to getting to know you. Best wishes from Jean
    (I haven’t added new posts to my blog in many a while – but my commitment to growing my own food, and simple living is still the same,)


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