Introducing my Simple Home year with Rhonda


If you read Rhonda’s blog and/or are a member of her Forum, you will know that Rhonda’s second book The Simple Home was published last month. It is a marvellous companion to her first book Down to Earth, the latter being an introduction and guide to simple living, the former a month-by-month implementation of the guide.

Northern hemisphere readers can find a customised guide for their seasons on p294 of the first edition.

The wonderful advantage of simple living is that it can be what you determine it to be. You need not be self sufficient to live simply but you might be. Simple living does not suggest necessarily that you are a minimalist yet you may work towards minimalism. You can live simply in a Tiny House, in the country, the city or the suburbs. You may grow your own food or buy it locally or a combination of the two.

If you live simply you will be more self reliant, you will spend less, consume less, be less time oriented, live well on less money and do more for yourself.

With Rhonda’s kind blessing I plan to live a Simple Home year and share it here on the blog. Month by month I’ll invest time and reflection in developing my simple life skills using the guidance Rhonda offers in the book.

Tomorrow I’ll begin with April, even though we are halfway through it, simple living like better eating doesn’t need to start on the first day of the month. April is about Food Gardening in Containers where we can “gain experience in growing fruit and vegetables by starting small”.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride and share your experiences.


10 thoughts on “Introducing my Simple Home year with Rhonda

    1. Jean I think you’ll enjoy it. The Simple Home is a wonderful companion to Down to Earth, each month has suggested simple living activities which are suitable for any stage of the journey. I hope you’ll share your experiences here on the blog.


  1. I will be following your journey. I have been a follower of Rhonda for a time and enjoy it very much. I was brought up on an old farm, in the spirit of simple living and it is very important to me. Pam in Norway


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