Too busy or too distracted?

Vintage telephone girls


Engaged, connected, mindful. In the Age of Distraction of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is it ironic that these are the buzzwords that impact our days?

Recently a woman earnestly advised me that she was making an effort to be more mindful and present in the moment all the while scrolling through the Facebook feed on her mobile phone. I waited for the “gotcha” but it didn’t come.

Despite being a nerd I was a latecomer to smartphones, one of the things that surprised me most was my smartphone’s eagerness to alert/notify me of any and all changes to my online status. Until this revelation I naively assumed that the constant phone sounds emitting from other people’s phones demonstrated that they were more popular than me. I have no desire for my phone to bother me — and everyone else around — when someone posts on my Facebook feed.

Generally I try, not always successfully, to concentrate on what I am doing. Sadly, “concentrate”, “duty”, “paying attention” are outmoded phrases much like the trends in vegetables visa viz  the pea’s current relationship to kale , modish beetroots to outdated carrots.

I was engaged when Tony and I decided to get married and telephone lines may be engaged when I ring them, although even the latter is almost outmoded with call waiting.

Words are wonderful tools but that’s what they are — tools — to communicate, in themselves they are not communication no matter how much there use is changed and “modernised”.

Words are even becoming art, have you noticed the explosion in art prints that contain not art but words? Putting words on a wall makes neither us nor our household members the word, we are defined by what we do, not by the words around us.

Need I even start on being “connected”? We are all connected to billy-o — as you and I are here — until the ultimate happens and we suffer a disconnect(ion please).

Ah now there’s a thought.

Death, the ultimate disconnect.

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4 thoughts on “Too busy or too distracted?

  1. I do love it when you rant Rose, you do so well 🙂
    Yep, bugger to be notified by my phone all the time. I refuse to be a slave to it, and will only check in when I want to, (and probably still too often.) As for an engaged signal on the phone, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I heard that. Even if you don’t have call waiting, (I don’t…it’s just waiting) the phone still either rings out or goes to message bank. Bring back the engaged signal I say!


  2. I carry a mobile phone because work requires me to and because it reassures my family …oh and I take photos with it. I often do not answer calls because I am in the middle of an interaction with a live human being and they are far more important than any call. If the call is urgent they can leave a message or send me a text message and I will respond. I have a face book account however I never post there I just see what the relatives are up to 😏
    I have a poorly managed Pinterest page , a poorly managed LinkedIn page ( a requisite of my work place) and I regularly visit a couple of blogs and forums. If I gave up sleeping I might have time for more however right now I am too busy living.


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