Finding my tribe #Brydie at Cityhippyfarmgirl

If anyone espouses the philosophy of “bloom where you are planted” it’s Brydie of who, until very recently, lived with her family — Mr Chocolate and the Three Monkeys — in a two bedroom unit in the city.

Used with kind permission

It would have been easy to turn aside from the simple living values that she was inspired by but instead Brydie chose bloom where she was by baking bread, learning to bake with sourdough, buying produce from local suppliers at a fair price for the grower, growing in pots, learning about permaculture and developing her own simple living philosophy.

Brydie’s classic post has to be How to make a sourdough starter, in my view it is the definitive guide to building a strong sourdough starter, stripped down to the essentials, without superfluous ingredients and utterly reliable. I’ve killed a few starters in my time so I’m quite expert at starting new ones thanks to this this ever-reliable recipe.

While blooming and also dreaming of some garden space Brydie attended some permaculture courses at Milkwood, for whom she now does some writing, along with the much loved Earth Garden and other publications. Her simple living-in-the-city voice was being heard, she took her camera with her to illustrate her stories.

Now, as well as spreading her wings in the garden of her new home, she’s branched out with her photo-narrative Web site.

Like Anna whom I featured last week, Brydie adapts her philosophy to her circumstances, works hard to develop her skills and knowledge, then builds on that, which was what Rhonda was talking about when she suggested that we bloom where we are planted.

It’s been a joy since day one to have that cityhippyfarmgirl as part of my tribe and I’m certain you’ll like her too.

One thought on “Finding my tribe #Brydie at Cityhippyfarmgirl

  1. So kind dear Rose. I feel pretty darn lucky to be in your tribe too.
    (and as I like to say lately, “bloom where I have been planted…but incorporate a little crop rotation as well” 🙂
    Muah. xx


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