Simple Home Year: Laundry


May is Laundry month in The Simple Home not, Rhonda writes, for any particular reason other than she wanted it to appear early in the book as laundry/washing is something we all deal with regularly.

She suggests getting into the laundry to give it a good clean so that it’s a nice place to be in which I totally recommend. If your laundry is anything like mine was it might be a rather dusty room, now on a weekly basis Tony hits it with the vacuum cleaner which gets up the worst of it. Rhonda suggests cleaning the interior drum of your washing machine with a vinegar wipe out, doing a fast hot wash with half a cup of bicarbonate of soda and a cup of white vinegar to clean out the machine and hoses. The dryer lint filter should be cleaned thoroughly (it can become flammable!) and the inside wiped with vinegar.

Vacuum the whole laundry thoroughly if you haven’t done so for a while, a mop of the floor and tiles with warm soapy water and a drop of eucalyptus or lemon myrtle oil will freshen the room beautifully.

Don’t forget the sink and the taps as well as any soap dishes and other containers, use Gumption or a homemade alternative to get the dirt up.


I hung art on the walls in the laundry, a superb panorama of a local beach by our friend Craig O’Brien and a couple of cat prints which appeal to me. The rest of the room is down to the essentials but that art work is enough to interest me while I’m emptying or loading the machine.

In our temperate part of the world I don’t use the dryer much so the room is relatively cool and dry, it’s a good place to hang garlic or chilies to dry.

I keep a couple of baskets to separate whites from coloured clothing, there isn’t much in our household that needs hand washing other than my summer silk tops so I don’t separate into other categories much. The silk tops are hand washed in the bathroom basin, hand knits and other delicate woollens go in a wool cycle with wool wash.

Washing several loads during the week is my preferred way to go, none of us has an extraordinary amount of clothing (I’m aiming for a capsule wardrobe as promoted by Jennifer and Shannon) and regular loads keep the required wash to a minimum. Four or five days of the week I do a load overnight so it’s ready to hang out in the morning, I rarely use the tumble dryer.

For me laundry is over at that point, Mum folds and irons much better than me and she is happy to do that task which is an enormous time saver for me.

I’d be interested to learn how you manage your laundry whether your’s is a household of one, two or many.

2 thoughts on “Simple Home Year: Laundry

  1. Hi Rose,
    We usually have quite a bit of laundry here! With 6 people here… until recently when Sarah married and left us with only 5 to wash for…there’s always laundry going. Thing is…I LOVE doing laundry! It’s my absolute favorite chore. I guess that’s a good thing! Granny’s job is folding all the whites, and Hannah’s job is putting it all away. I always use my dryer and don’t have a clothesline, although I’ve thought seriously about it. It’s just easier to transfer from one machine to the other. I don’t have a certain day to do laundry….whenever I decide it’s the day, then it’s Laundry Day.

    Right now my laundry room needs a big cleaning….so your post encouraged me to do just that!


  2. Deb thanks for your comment on Laundry. Here in Australia we all have an outdoor clothes line, many of us have an umbrella style Hills Hoist. Hanging the clothes out in the sun is actually a lovely job and it saves money. I understand it’s also better for the clothes.


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