Finding my tribe #Lyn at ipreferreading

With Anna inspiring me domestically and creatively, Brydie getting me baking and planting, it’s surely time to kick back with a book so that means dropping in on Lyn. I first stumbled across Lyn’s blog several years ago, it was a serendipitous discovery as Lyn is both widely read and in-depth read in so many areas.


In her blog header she quotes Logan Pearsall Smith aphorism “Some people say life is the thing, but I prefer reading” which made me laugh out loud when I first caught sight of it and isn’t it true in so many ways?

A librarian by profession, Lyn particularly enjoys “middlebrow fiction, 19th century novels, WWI & WWII literature, Golden Age mysteries & history.”

Prior to reading Lyn’s blog I wasn’t aware that I enjoyed middlebrow fiction but it is indeed a whole genre, one that was particularly popular in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries written for women by women as well as men tracing a broad span of domestic history, domestic tales and change.

The quality of middlebrow fiction is evident in the many popular reprints by independent publishing houses, the one I particularly love — introduced to me by Lyn of course — is Perspehone books. The Persephone books’ own background makes for an intriguing read, along with the incomparable list of authors they have reprinted.

Lyn’s book reciews are the best in my view, rich in detail of the story background with a suggestion of plot and character that never drop a spoiler instead offering you a nibble of the story to take — or not — as you choose. Lyn reads widely yet discriminately among other middlebrow bloggers so she often posts intriguing group reads or background information.

That Lyn and I share interests in cooking/baking, cats, roses and classical music is the icing on the cake — or perhaps the beautifully designed endpaper in the book! My “Lyn List” of preferred books to read grows every month for in that most personal of tastes, reading, Lyn indeed is one of my tribe.

4 thoughts on “Finding my tribe #Lyn at ipreferreading

  1. I’m thrilled to be part of your tribe, Rose! It’s always lovely to find other people who read the same books & that’s been the wonderful thing about the blogosphere for me. There are lots of like-minded readers out there & then we find other things in common – recipes, cats, gardening, trying to live sustainably etc.


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