It’s taken a couple of years but I’ve finally accepted the fact that it will take a few more “rounds” of the house before I achieve the minimalist aesthetic I’m aiming for in my decluttering efforts.


Minimalism isn’t everyone’s cup of tea nor would I suggest that it’s something all or even most of us should aspire to but it’s where I’d like to end up. I adore clean uncluttered surfaces, the simple visual of space clears my mind, it relaxes me in a way no other environment can.

I’ve been seriously decluttering for about four years now, I don’t do it everyday, when I do it I declutter for only a small amount of time but I think it’s what I don’t do anymore that really makes a difference.

I never read brochures and pamphlets that arrive with the newspaper (we have it delivered) or that come into my “No Junk Mail” letter box. Now that I don’t read them I find them aggressive in their sale pitch and, funnily enough, I sometimes don’t have a clue what the item is that they are trying to sell me.

If I bring something home that is not a consumable I immediately take something out for recycling, donation or rubbish. This past week has been a big one for us for bring home non-consumables — I had to replace my iPod so the old one is ready for computer donation, Tony’s glasses had to be replaced so his old pair are also ready for donation, we each got some new pairs of socks so the dead ones are in the compost or the bin (depending on fabric).

The other key thing for me is moving something on as soon as I realise that I don’t need/want it anymore.

That said there is still a lot of clearing to do. I’m heading towards a capsule wardrobe but I’m not quite there yet, I’ve halved the books, made huge inroads on the wool stash, halved the contents of the kitchen cupboards and even sorted and decluttered the CDs and DVDs.

Sigh, but I think there are at least three full house rounds to go.

Over on the Down to Earth Forum we are starting a 28 day Decluttering Challenge on Sunday which should inspire my efforts further. How are you going on the decluttering road? Is it something you tackle regularly? Please share any tips you might have.

6 thoughts on “Decluttering

  1. We sound very similar. It’s like peeling the layers off the onion, each decluttering round. Even though I of think of how much I still have to go, I look back at where I was and I’ve made big improvements. You’re right too about habits, I’ve also built good habits that support keeping our home clutter-free with not as much effort as before.


    1. Fiona I love your analogy of “peeling layers off an onion”, that is what it’s like and eventually we’ll get there.


  2. I did a small declutter here this morning. I cleaned my laundry shelves and had a few things to get rid of, then collected a few more things on the way out the door. It felt good. I’m not aiming for a minimalist’s home, I want the things I love surrounding me with nothing else. I agree that having a strategy for the outgoings is a big help in keeping house. When I found out what my local tip took, I then had a reliable avenue for most of my rubbish.

    I’m loving your new blog, Rose. xx


    1. Rhonda I know what you mean about having a home with things you love, those things with space around them are so much more attractive and make for such a peaceful home.

      Thank you for your lovely words.


  3. Rose, yesterday I cleaned my closet and ended up with SIX huge bags of clothing to take to Goodwill. I had so many different sizes of clothing mixed in with everything else! This actually wasn’t like me at all….because I can’t seem to let anything go. As soon as I do, i’ll need it…it’s happened so many times! But I made myself pare down. And now i’m reading your blog tonight….I’m ahead of the game already since i didn’t know you’d post about this! I feel good about it!


    1. Deb isn’t it amazing what paring down does, it does make you feel good, it gives you space both physically and in your mind.


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