Simple Home Year: More frugal laundry ideas


Rhonda’s May chapter of The Simple Home has all sorts of tips for making your laundry a more pleasant to be in, to make your work in there more streamlined and effective and of course, more frugal ideas. One of the great benefits of the latter is not only do these reduce the number of items needed from the supermarket thereby saving you money, the products are greener so kinder to your family’s skin as well as the environment.

The laundry liquid alone has multiple uses. It is an ideal stain remover, you need simply cover the stain with a little of the liquid, rub it in, then wait 15 minutes before popping the item in the wash. I learned early on how effective it is, I was using a small tea-stained cup to measure the liquid, after two uses it was so sparkling clean I returned it to the kitchen cupboard!

You can create a cleaning paste from the laundry liquid too. To half a cup of the laundry liquid add half a cup of bicarb soda, mix it all to a thick paste-like consistency to use on baths, sinks, taps, benchtops and other harder to clean areas. I have had great success with it removing the grot that accumulates behind the kitchen sink which is on the southern side of the house. When you make up the paste store it in a lidded container as it will dry out over time.

An economical green rinse aid is plain old generic white vinegar. If you are worried that your wash will smell of vinegar — which it won’t — try it for one wash and, unnecessary as it is, consider dispensing a couple of drops of essential oil into your newly opened vinegar bottle to make the wash smell extra good. Lemon, lavender and rose are all lovely.

One tip on buying your vinegar: in my supermarket the “cleaning vinegar” which is exactly the same product as the no-name white vinegar is more expensive. Check the price before you choose.

It is really quite surprising how quick it is to make your own green, economical cleaners for the home. Your basic supplies will last for months, cost way less, be kinder to your skin and far better for the environment.

2 thoughts on “Simple Home Year: More frugal laundry ideas

  1. I had a similar experience when I made the laundry liquid too Rose. I used an old saucepan and it has never looked so good, it is truly sparkling. I also make the cleaning paste and now that is all I use in the kitchen and bathrooms. Also such a great feeling knowing it is kind to the environment and our family.


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