I’m Smitten

I don’t know about you but I have a terrible time trying to buy winter clothes of good quality that are made from natural fibres — preferably wool! — in a sustainable way. Although I don’t sew (yet) I do knit but my list of projects hasn’t included a garment for me for a while.



A capsule wardrobe as espoused by my capsule wardrobe mentors Shannon and Fiona fits with my simple living philosophy, endorses my preference to avoid fast fashion and marries with my sustainable choices.

My difficulty is when winter comes around. Unlike a lot of people I’m overly sensitive to cold temperatures so a few layers of cotton just don’t work for me, I need wool, fleece and well combined layers. Flimsy mixes of cotton and viscose are too light for me even in the temperate climate I live in but, short of moving into Kathmandu apparel only, what’s a girl to do?

Well yesterday I got Smitten, when I read this I could not believe my eyes.

Authentically Tasmanian, we understand rapidly changing weather conditions and the need for base layers.

Our clothing range includes t-shirts, wrap dresses, tops, leggings, crew shirts, hoody’s, zip tops, cardigans, skirts, yoga pants and even underwear for men, women and children.

Spun from premium natural fibre merino wool our clothing is soft, light, form fitting and easy to care for – giving you a little piece of luxury that looks and feels right.

100% of our wool is sourced from local premier wool growing regions and driving our business is a passion to produce Australian made garments that are natural, sustainable and environmentally aware. Our manufacturing is all done within Tasmania.

Tried and tested by known athletes, outdoor adventurers, thermal lovers and those who want beautiful but classic wardrobe items, Smitten is for everywhere you want to be.

Did you see that? Base layers. Merino wool. 100% local. Australian-made. Sustainable. Environmentally awareOur manufacturing is all done within Tasmania.

Be still my beating heart! I hope you’ll come follow me on my Smitten adventure.





6 thoughts on “I’m Smitten

  1. We’re such twins Rose, I’m reading this in my cosy fine merino top (layered with a snug singlet underneath to trap the warmth). I HAVE to be cosy in the winter or else I’m miserable and grumpy. Smitten looks gorgeous.


  2. Sounds perfect! And I’m even closer to Tasmania than you are so it’s even more sustainable! Seriously, I feel the same as you. I love feeling warm in winter but prefer to wear layers. I’ll definitely be investigating Smitten.


  3. I am with you Rose , sound like my kind of clothing company.
    Just as a side note when you want to learn to sew , I am very happy to mentor and coach you 🙂


    1. HHR thank you for that kind offer, I must admit you would be one of the first people I would turn to and chances are I will.


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