Finding my tribe: Nath at beautycalypse

The Europeans seem to set the pace in so many aspects of being green, I suspect that living in an area of high population density where you have many neighbours — literally and on your national borders — makes you more conscious of the outward effects of your personal decisions.

Though I’m not a girly girl I do use skincare products as well as some makeup, I like to know what I’m using, what’s in it and where it came from. My serendipitous stumble onto Nath’s blog last year has been a total win.

Used with Nath’s kind permission

This is not your typical girlie beauty blog, Nath is an informed consumer with strong green and fair trade principles, she’s experienced in the field, best of all she doesn’t assume she’s got all the answers. Nath’s on a quest for ethical excellence in cosmetics, beauty products, food, travel … a whole range of products that we all enjoy.

The quest is that continuing journey, a journey she takes us on with her, we are Adventurers in the quest as she puts forward lessons she’s learned, products that seem to meet the green and clean standards she holds dear, foods that help us live well, yoga principles and ideas that improve our well-being. The list is, I think endless.

With Nath you won’t find “look at me” or “because I’m worth it” posts.

I actually don’t like to talk about myself here but have been tagged to do it many times. Sure, BEAUTYCALYPSE is 100% me but in the same time I’m not my own main content – so you will hardly find any diary-style posts:)

The beauty products she reviews may be organic, vegan, sustainable, reusable green — peelable nail polish anyone? Food and health suggestions are always sustainable and green, often vegan, such as staying well in winter, sumer and all year round.

Indulgences are encouraged, skipping lunch is not, you can investigate the big issues, plan to travel green, have a cleaner environment in your home, learn how to choose a wiser shade of green.

And when you’re done, though with Nath the Adventure continues, you can have a delicious cocktail.

One thought on “Finding my tribe: Nath at beautycalypse

  1. Hey Rose, thanks for the lovely shout-out. I’ve been rather busy lately but couldn’t miss the opportunity to drop by and say hi. Sending love & cheers! Green on!


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