Simple Home Year: Food preserving and storage — a preserving calendar

Sally Wise taken by Veronica Youd

We grow sufficient leafy vegetables, tomatoes, herbs to supplement our purchases from markets and greengrocers. Space restrictions limit the amount of fruit we grow to some lemons, the occasional strawberry although we do have some new plants in.

Subsequently I tend not to be aware of when some crops are at their most bountiful so it may only be when a friend kindly hands me a bucket of fruit or I pass a box of discounted tomatoes in a shop that I become aware it’s a good time to preserve. Having a job outside the home also limits my time so I’ve decided to be more proactive about preserving.

This year I am reading the delightful Sally Wise‘s A Year on the Farm. I like that the book is linear in its exposition — month by month and, within that, week by week we learn what is ready to eat on the Tasmanian farm accompanied by many great do-able recipes from Sally.

Of course where Ms Wise lives in Tasmania is considerably south of where I live but there are also great harvest ideas at The Seasonal Food Guide and at My Green Australia

I decided that the best thing to do was bring all of these together so I’m now in the process of combining all of these into a Seasonal Preserving Calendar that will be tailor-made for our needs and food preferences. By combining Sally’s recipes and harvests with Rhonda’s recipes, with what is happening locally and considering what we like best to eat and give as gifts I hope to end up with a custom-made Calendar. I’ll share it with you when it’s done.

It would be interesting to know if you have a solid system for managing your preserving?



12 thoughts on “Simple Home Year: Food preserving and storage — a preserving calendar

  1. Preserving is one of my goals Rose. It is very new to me and I’ve a lot to learn. At the moment so much on with the family etc. however it is definitely something I will do in the future. It’s written down. As they say, one thing at a time. I like the look of your calendar and look forward to the updates. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing Rose and I will be following with keen interest.


  2. I love the way you clarify things Rose. I also follow Sally’s Year on a Farm, as well as her Year in a Bottle and Rhonda’s recipes. I hadn’t thought to put all that information into a customised calendar. Job to start tomorrow. Thank you!! 😍😍


  3. I wouldn’t say it’s a solid system, but I know when I should be shaking my tail feather with certain family favourites. The plum jam stash usually runs out just as the season for plums starts again. Vegetables in abundance are quite often fermented. Especially round winter when it’s cabbage, cabbage, cabbage turning up in the veg box. Turning it to sauerkraut makes it easier for me. I’d e interested to see your calendar Rose when you get to it.
    Ps. Sally Wise is great.


  4. What a great idea Rose. Why hadn’t I thought of that before, I think I might be putting together my own little preserving calendar as I am hopeless at remembering these things.


  5. Hi Rose, I haven’t been to visit in a while and now I thought I’d just pop in and wave hello. Also, this is the first comment I’m making from my new WordPress account so I’m just excited about it!

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