Simple Home Year: Food preserving and storage — the freezer

Rhonda mentions the freezer in the June chapter of The Simple Home as an ideal place to preserve abundance, maybe even stockpile and manage your food resources throughout the year.


I think that in the past, many of us thought of the freezer only in terms of sides of meat or loaves of bread that may or may not have proved to be a saving. The important thing with the freezer is to have it serve you well, to ensure that it makes your cooking from scratch easier, that it offer you a means to manage fresh produce well.

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Finding my tribe: Nath at beautycalypse

The Europeans seem to set the pace in so many aspects of being green, I suspect that living in an area of high population density where you have many neighbours — literally and on your national borders — makes you more conscious of the outward effects of your personal decisions.

Though I’m not a girly girl I do use skincare products as well as some makeup, I like to know what I’m using, what’s in it and where it came from. My serendipitous stumble onto Nath’s blog last year has been a total win.

Used with Nath’s kind permission

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I’m Smitten

I don’t know about you but I have a terrible time trying to buy winter clothes of good quality that are made from natural fibres — preferably wool! — in a sustainable way. Although I don’t sew (yet) I do knit but my list of projects hasn’t included a garment for me for a while.



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Mind games #2

Over at the DTE Forum we’ve been rocking along with our Simply Organised Challenge. One of the ideas we’ve been discussing is the once-a-week plan where we look to the week ahead anticipating when we’ll wash (do laundry), do cleaning tasks, pay bills, go the supermarket, fold/iron dry clothes, menu plan etc.


I’ve planned household tasks for the last fifteen or so years, I plan not to produce an extensive to-do list but to cover the essentials and then some so that my mind doesn’t become a stage for a mental siege on “Will I/ Won’t I?” It’s easy to fall into the trap of procrastination — surfing the Web, checking email or Facebook status and find that not only have you not achieved very much you haven’t actually benefitted from that diversionary activity on the most mediocre of entertainment levels.

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Simple Home Year: Food gardening

The avid gardeners among you will be entertained by my hesitant start with The Simple Home Year. Rhonda’s April chapter deals with Food gardening in containers offering a  careful guide on how to get started, one that even novices like me can learn from.


For years Tony has worked our small vegetable garden area, he was the obvious choice because he’s the one with “green fingers”. Until now my gardening skills amounted to looking at seed packets, occasionally dropping a seed into soil, harvesting and telling him when the Gardenate email had arrived.

But skills need to be built so, as the relaunch of the blog and my project for The Simple Home Year occured in April, Food gardening in containers is my first blog Simple Home Year project.

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